Glandular System / Zone 1

As this system moves from an IMBALANCED or SUPPRESSED state to one of BALANCE and VITALITY these different aspects of your body function better:
Glands of the head, Pineal, Pituitary, Memory, Energy, Skin, Hair, Glands of the stomach, Thyroid gland, Mammary Glands, Adrenals, Glands of digestion, Pancreas, Liver, Appetite, Sleep, Elimination, Glands of the kidney region, Glands of the pelvis, Uterus and Ovaries or Prostate and Gonads, Kidneys, Relaxation, Outlook on life, Temper, Concentration, Immune System, Hormonal System.

When these six systems are balanced, your body can express health.  This method of healing does not fight dis-ease, it balances the body in order to enable it to express health.  Where there is health, there is no dis-ease.

Glandular System / Zone 1
Eliminative System / Zone 2
Nerve System / Zone 3
Digestive System / Zone 4
Muscular System / Zone 5
Circulatory System / Zone 6